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Kasia Chmara

Strong Voice  

– Your power on the stage!


WS 3 - Strong Voice - Your power on the stage
Meeting Friday 01.11.2024  1.45 pm


workshop time:

Friday 2 - 5 pm

duration 3 hours

Workshop language: easy english

Level: 1-2

WS 3

Strong voice - your power on the stage!

WS 3

Have you ever had that feeling that when you express your emotions on stage your voice doesn’t always seem to be in the same team as you? Is your throat often dry and makes it difficult for the audience to hear you from the stage? Have you ever felt that although your characters may vary, they always speak in the same way and you cannot do anything about it however hard you try? Does your throat often hurt and you really don’t know how to control your breath and how not to pant while acting and improvising? If you answered YES to at least two of the questions above… this workshop is for you!

It will give you practical hints how to:

– work with your voice,

– make your voice stronger,

– be heard by everyone in the audience (even in the back seats),

– change your voice while creating different characters,

– identify and use bright and dark sides of your voice.

About Kasia

Kasia is an artistic coordinator of Improdrom- international Improv Festivalin Bydgoszcz, Poland. She regularly leads theatre and improvisation workshops in Bydgoszcz and throughout Poland and  in many european countries. She has a PhD in Creating Character on script play through improvisation techniques in National Film and Theatre School in Łódź- Poland. She performs with numerous improv group "Two Sisters", "ONE", irish-polish "Which is Which". Always full of energy in a constant rush.

Kasia is also teaching WS5 - Factor  and WS10 - FEEL ME​​

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