Corona & AGB

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We are so excited about our offline festival - and we want it to be a nice, safe experience for all of us. Therefore we rely on a comprehensive hygiene concept that protects all workshop participants, workshop leaders and show visitors equally. And we are relying on you - and trust you to do everything possible so that we can go home healthy again.

Important informations:

We'll keep you up to date!

The workshop places are limited, at the moment we assume 12 participants per workshop, we will adjust this to the current Corona regulations in October. We will allocate the workshop places according to the order of registration. After registration you will receive a confirmation and a request for payment. The workshop place is reserved for you until the payment is made in due time, after expiration it will be assigned again.


Tickets for the shows are not included in the price and can be purchased additionally. We offer a limited number of festival bundles that are valid for all shows.


Cancellation of the registration is possible until 15.9.2021 without loss of the participation fee (minus 15€ handling fee). After that, you either have to provide a replacement yourself or the place can be filled by us with people from the waiting list. If both possibilities do not occur, the participation fee cannot be refunded.


The workshops take place with a minimum of 6 participants. If the required minimum number of participants is not reached 10 days before the workshop starts, we will offer alternatives or unfortunately have to cancel the workshop (with money back guarantee).


Participation in the workshop is at your own risk; we do not provide insurance coverage.

During the Impro Fest Offline (IFO) and the workshops, picture, video and sound recordings of visitors and workshop participants will be made, which may be used by the IFO without restriction in the context of publications. Participants give their consent to this by submitting their registration. This consent can be revoked in writing at any time. Participants will not suffer any disadvantages as a result of the revocation.


If the trainer is not available, we will organize a substitute trainer. If it is not possible to organize a substitute trainer, we will find a solution with all participants, e.g. by participating in another workshop.


We assume that everyone will have received a vaccination offer by mid-October and wish for vaccinated or recovering participants. If this does not apply to you, just write to us. Negative test results are mandatory for participation in the workshops.



  • In the corridors and the rooms of the Tor6 Theaterhaus and in the movie there is a mask requirement, a medical mouth and nose protection (better: FFP2) must be worn in all areas, you can remove the mask from your seats in the theater

  • In the workshop locations, too, it is mandatory to wear a mask (medical or FFP2) in the corridors, the publicly accessible parts of the building

  • Please keep your distance!

  • The entrance area (foyer) and the bar are open, but the public waits outside if possible. Standing tables are set up for this. There are two access stations in front of the house. Station 1 checks the corona test results or vaccination passports - guest registration is no longer required. Only after approval by the station does the guest go to the cash register, where the ticket is validated and the seat allocated. The seat is noted on the ticket. The audience is distributed across the squares in a checkerboard pattern. Admission is via the side entrance of the hall by the cloakrooms in order to avoid queues in the sanitary area.

  • Before and after the performance, the windows and doors of the house in the publicly accessible area are open so that a passage is created. They are closed when the public enters. The air conditioning system is switched on before the audience enters and runs continuously during the event.

  • If you feel sick or have cold symptoms, please stay at home and contact us

  • If you want to hug and cuddle, at least do it in the fresh air :-)


  • We wish for our workshops that all participants and the workshop leaders are vaccinated or recovered, we will check the evidence at the festival check-in - to put it in German: 2G applies!

  • If this does not apply to you, please contact us at

  • In order to guarantee as much security as possible for everyone, we offer all workshop participants and leaders 2 free self-tests. We ask you to carry out a test yourself at your check-in (Friday or Saturday) and a test on the Sunday before your workshop (or the shows). If the result is positive, please contact us immediately.

  • If you feel sick or have cold symptoms, please stay at home and contact us.

  • Thanks to these comprehensive measures, the workshops can take place without masks and without additional distance rules - if you do not feel comfortable with them individually, please write to us or speak to your workshop leaders.


  • For admission to the shows, 3G applies - i.e. vaccinated, recovered or with a fresh, professional rapid test (maximum 24 hours old) - please bring proof with you.

  • For the Show on Friday the the Movieyou have to be recovered or fully vaccinated 


  • We try to make our social events as nice as possible - so take care!

  • For the social events you have to be recovered or fully vaccinated