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31.10. - 3.11.2024


Galactically good improvisational theatre for Bielefeld!

From 31.10.2024 - 03.11.2024 There will be lots of fantastic Workshops and showS

The world is visiting Bielefeld! We invite the best improvisational theatre artists from this planet, together they will create galactically good shows and pass on their knowledge in workshops.

In 2024, the Impro Fest Bielefeld will receive visitors from the USA, Austria, Poland, Israel and all over Germany.


These are our guests

Who is the Impro Fest Bielefeld for?

Would you like to enjoy an entertaining, interactive evening of theatre that you have never seen before? Then come to our festival shows.

Are you an improviser and want to learn more, immerse yourself in the community and discover new things? Then book a workshop.

Do you want to try improvisational theatre and don't know what it is? Then watch shows and come to our beginners workshop.

Are you up for a wild party and nice people? Then enjoy the festival atmosphere, drink beer and join in!


Thanks to the Bielefelder Bürgerstiftung for their support of the festival!

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