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Kasia Chmara



WS 5 - XFactor
Meeting Saturday 02.11.2024  9.45 am


workshop time:

Saturday 10 am - 5 pm

duration 6 hours

Workshop language: easy english

Level: 3

WS 5


WS 5

In improvisation we often distinguish between the head and the heart - but let’s not forget the X - factor!Throughout our lives, we tend to switch between head and heart, but there are exceptions to this rule: Sometimes moments will appear when our inner voice tells us: "Do something unexpected, surprise yourself, surprise your partner on stage, take a plunge!"These moments have the X-factor -  an extraordinary power that can be harnessed through improvisation. It is a unique quality possessed by certain individuals who excel in thinking on their feet and spontaneously adapting to any situation. Together we will explore the X-Factor: its characteristics, mindset, techniques, and how to embrace it fully. Whether you're a performer, a professional, or someone simply looking to enhance your skills and embrace innovation, this workshop will guide you to tapping into the limitless potential of the X-Factor.

About Kasia

Kasia is an artistic coordinator of Improdrom- international Improv Festivalin Bydgoszcz, Poland. She regularly leads theatre and improvisation workshops in Bydgoszcz and throughout Poland and  in many european countries. She has a PhD in Creating Character on script play through improvisation techniques in National Film and Theatre School in Łódź- Poland. She performs with numerous improv group "Two Sisters", "ONE", irish-polish "Which is Which". Always full of energy in a constant rush.

Kasia is also teaching WS3 - Strong Voice  and WS10 - FEEL ME​​

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