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Amir Atsmon

Short-Form Frankenstein  


WS 11 - Short-Form Frankenstein
Meeting Sunday 03.11.2024  10.45 am


workshop time:

Sunday 11 am - 3 pm

duration 4 hours

Workshop language: easy english

Level: 2-3

WS 11

Short-Form Frankenstein

WS 11

In this wild workshop designed for experienced improvisors, we have a blast with combining different rules from different short-form games to create “Short-form Frankenstein”: a mind-bending, rolling on the floor laughing experience! We start by exploring some powerful techniques for building the energy, commitment and bold emotional choices needed in short-form improvisation. Then, we will practice and learn crazy and unique short-form formats from all over the world. Finally, we will combine all of the above to enjoy the endless variations we can create by mixing up different games and rules.

About Amir

Amir has been improvising for over twelve years. He is a co-founder of Lamabati and Momentum, two of Israel’s most artistic and internationally renown improv ensembles, and proud member of Ohana, an exclusive collective of European improvisors. Amir spent the last several years cultivating the improv community in Israel as well as teaching and performing internationally (festivals include: Finland, Barcelona, Sweden, EDFringe, Tallinn, Athens, Vancouver, Copenhagen, Strasbourg and Istanbul). Amir developed the original and acclaimed free-form format “No Edit” as well as the longform format, “Everyday Magic”, an improvised homage to the works of the Israeli author Etgar Keret. In addition his pursuits in improv, he also performs playback theater with Reflected Light, a mixed secular and orthodox group. Amirs outlook and sensitivities as a teacher are enriched by his work as a Drama-therapist. He sees improv as a way of life and a way of living more fully - by being connected to deeper parts of ourselves and creating more profound connections with our partners and our communities.

Amir is also teaching WS 6 Touch: Boundaries, Consent, Inspiration

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