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Feña Ortalli

Samstag & Sonntag  10 Uhr - Back to Back - Scenes for Duos

Dauer 12 Stunden

Workshopsprache: englisch

Level: 3

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Back to Back - WS09

Let's face it, sometimes improvising is scary. That is why is very important to have someone you can trust beside you on stage. In this workshop, we will work on the importance of (really) listening to each other and on how to identify and play with your strengths and weaknesses. 


We will try to find the joy of the scene. The joy of stopping and looking at the scenery. To develop inner and outer conflicts. To enjoy our characters. To deepen the dialogues. To feel the silences, the words, and the music. To create significant and symbolic images. To connect with our stage partner. To consciously delay the resolution. To play BACK TO BACK.

This workshop will focus on Duo Scenes. So if you already have a Duo, come with your partner. If you don´t have a Duo partner, we´ll find someone for you!

More about Feña

Feña Ortalli began his acting career in 2001. In 2006 he created Global Impro, an improv troupe dedicated to national and international collaboration and exchange. He's currently based in Madrid where he performs and teaches with the most important companies in the city. Since 2011 he writes, edits, and directs Status, a digital magazine about improvisation, published in seven languages. He's also the author of the book Impro: Dynamics of the Unexpected (2018). Since 2001 he has taught and performed in different cities in over 20 countries.