Was eine verrückte Idee: Impro und Essen! Wir machen es möglich - mit tollen Kochkursen von wunderbaren ImprospielerInnen aus der ganzen Welt. 

WICHTIG: Die Zutatenliste für die Gerichte bekommst Du beim Ticketkauf direkt von Yesticket. Einkaufen und kochen musst Du selbst, die Anleitung kommt vom Improprofi und der Spaß ist garantiert. Guten Appetit.

Cooking Class

Balasree Viswanathan.png
CC1 - BALASREE VISWANATHAN - Samosa and Masala Chai
SAMSTAG 10 - 12 Uhr (englisch)
I'm Bala, an improviser and performer from India. Much like improv, food is one of my favourite ways to learn about and enjoy different cultures, while sharing a meal and making new friends.
This is why the humble samosa is one of my favourite snacks - it is meant to be enjoyed with some piping hot masala chai and good company. Join me for a 2-hour journey into what makes a delicious samosa!

Cooking Class

Nick Maaß.png
CC2 - NICK MAASS - Leftover, hangover, cooking isn´t over
SAMSTAG 10 - 12 Uhr (englisch)

Nick became a vegetarian when he was 14 and discovered improv at the tender age of 19. Both times he didn’t really know what he was doing but came to appreciate his decision later. Becoming a vegetarian in a meat-loving household forced him to cook for himself early and teach himself what he needed to know. Similarly he started improv not at an established improv school but in a college troupe that allowed for experimentation. Over the years he studied improv all across North-America and Europe, but learned most from experimenting with new formats that often didn’t work. Over the last couple of years his formats seem to have a much higher success-rate and people keep telling him they like his food, but why? He just opens the fridge and let’s it inspire him.


This workshop is a workshop about improvisation, group mind and collaborative creative processes. You don’t need to go shopping, because having a group of creative people in a zoom call and a bare minimum of random food around your house should be enough to whip something together. This workshop works best if you spend the previous evening at the after-workshop party and are slightly hungover.

Cooking Class

Maximilian Hansen.png
SAMSTAG 13 - 15 Uhr (englisch)

Maximilian Hansen has improvised around the world for over 15 years. Max loves the fellowship that is such a big part of the improv community and the worlds that improv can create - at any time and in any place. Max is the founder and artistic director of Mind Melt in Uppsala, Sweden. Max is also a proud member of Ohana, a project that gathers improvisers from all over Europe to exchange experiences and further explore the world of improvisation. As an improviser Max is curious, as a cook Max is decent at best - but he loves his pastries!

Special guest: Chris Mead!

Semla is a sweetened wheat bun filled with almond paste and whipped cream, and it is way more delightful to eat than it sounds like. It's traditionally eaten on "fat Tuesday", according to the myth the semla was invented when a former king couldn't get enough sweets to feel satisfied.

True or not the first sign of anything resembling a semla appeared in Stockholm in 1679. There's even similar traditions all over Scandinavia, Finland and Estonia.

Today there's also a wide variety of different types of semlor, I'll tell you all about them. Once you've learned to make the original you will have no trouble making up new varieties for yourself. We'll also look at a few different ways of eating a semla - that's right, it's not the easiest thing to do, and of course there's a "right" way to do it!

And how about a cup of tea with your Semla? Chris Mead - Improviser and Tealover from London UK will join Max´s class and share his tea secrets with you.

Cooking Class

SIvan Terem.png
CC4 - SIVAN TEREM - Brownie crackers & Amsterdam Cookies
SAMSTAG 13 - 15 Uhr (englisch)

I'm Sivan, and we will make brownie-crackers and amsterdam cookies.

I am an improviser from Israel, I usually perform short-form and musical-improv. In 2012 I started learning improv, and also became a pastry chef, and ever since then- I teach improv and baking- my two greatest passions.

I LOVE chocolate, and fast and easy-to-make sweets, so I will be teaching you how to make cracker brownies- the most addictive snack ever, and amsterdam cookies- soft chocolate cookies filled with white chocolate\spreads.

Cooking Class

Giorgio Faustini.png
CC5 - GIORGIO FAUSTINI - Grandpa´s secret Bolognese
SAMSTAG 13 - 15 Uhr (englisch)

Grandpa's secret quickie recipes for gettin' a "wow": class 101 - da Bolognese sauce!


There are things in life that need time, no questions asked; in various Italian regions this is a mantra, a way of life. But very often we have no chance to dedicate such an amount of focused attention, thus we have to compromise to produce a decent result in a reasonable time, always keeping in mind that we shall leave a good impression in the lucky other's palate.


When I was 24, about to leave Italy to move to Vienna for work, my cooking skills were very limited: cooking some pasta, baking pizza, preparing a simple risotto. I felt the need to broaden my views, so I asked my grandfather, with all of his cooking wisdom, and my father, a former cook, some tips on cooking good, tasty, seducing yet quick recipes. Something that might fit a young man's lifestyle in a new city.

They delivered, oh yes they did. They shared condensed wisdom in condensed pills of condensed recipes needing condensed time. As it is known that, when a butterfly flaps its wings in the east, a hurricane develops in the west: this is your chance to change your winds!


In a very casual way, four years ago, I got to experience the art of theatre, shortly moving towards the improv way (of life, as well!). Improv has the energy, the strength and the power to change our lives, and the stage is just the spark where everything starts.

Cooking is, directly and indirectly, a mindful activity, as it doesn't matter if it takes 10 minutes or 2 hours, still you shall be focused [we don't want chopped fingers to run around!!!].

Just imagine the power of putting together improv and cooking: is it gonna be a flying fingers Tarantino style scene, or the story of the time your life changed?


[Little note by the author: it works gorgeously for international standards, yet there is a long way for becoming a starred Michelin cook in Italy! :D]

Cooking Class

Aree Witoelar.png
CC6 - AREE WITOELAR - Tumpeng: Indonesia´s Yellow rice
SAMSTAG 13 - 16 Uhr (englisch)

Tumpeng: Indonesia's Yellow Rice National Dish

Aree is an Indonesian improviser in Norway, but he's happiest next to food (especially spicy ones!). Aree is the founder of Improvisers Talking About the Food group, and dubbed "The Mayor of Food". He improvises when he cooks, having fun with every cuisine in the world. He loves the traditions that come with food, but also plays with a little mischief!


Tumpeng (Indonesian Yellow Rice) Tumpeng has a special place in Indonesians' hearts. No birthdays, weddings or good fortune is complete without a Tumpeng. Tumpeng is a mountain of fragrant yellow rice, cooked in coconut and turmeric. Surrounding the mountain, we have many tantalizing side dishes, from fried chicken, shredded eggs, tempeh, and salad in coconut flakes. It's up to you how many you want to make! Tumpeng can be meaty or vegan.

Cooking Class

Laura Berkemeyer.png
CC7 - LAURA BERKEMEYER - Rote Linsen Kokos-Suppe
SAMSTAG 16 - 18 Uhr deutsch)

Rote Linsen, ein Haufen Gemüse geköchelt in Kokosmilch, serviert mit einem Hauch Zimt und gesprenkelt mit Sesam. Diesen Gaumenschmaus werden wir gemeinsam zaubern. Wir verbinden Süße mit Schärfe, die für eine Geschmacksexplosion sorgen.


Laura Berkemeyer improvisiert nicht nur auf der Bühne, sondern auch in der Küche. Mal mit gerettetem saisonalen Gemüse - mal mit exotischen Gewürzen oder mit beidem gleichzeitig. Diesmal gibt es zwar ein Rezept, aber viel Freiheit zum Selbstgestalten. Also schnapp dir deinen Kochlöffel und lasst uns gemeinsam köcheln, pürieren & schlemmen.

Cooking Class

Pierpaolo Buzza.png
CC8 - PIERPAOLO BUZZA - Pasta à la Carbonara
SAMSTAG 16 - 18 Uhr (englisch)

I'm Pierpaolo, I am from Roma, where carbonara originated. For us, carbonara is like a religion; and not unlike religion, we have major arguments over which one is the *right* way to cook it :-)

But, spoiler alert: despite what anyone will tell you, the *right* way doesn't exist.

I will show you my way, which is the result of cooking it as a go-to dish since I can remember, and then encourage you to personalize it to your liking. Which is what I have done: during the course of the last 25 years, I have adjusted the recipe several times to make it better and better.

It's a super-tasty recipe, and also fast, if you know what to do.

But we'll take our time, I'll guide you step by step and tell you why we do each passage.

See you in the kitchen!

Cooking Class

CC9 - AGNES EDVALL - Lay me down on a bed of roses
SAMSTAG 16 - 18 Uhr (englisch)

Agnes is an improviser, improteacher and actress from Sweden who's currently based in Barcelona. As an improviser, she specializes in acting, authentic connection, play and ensemble work, and in the kitchen it's somewhat similar however less pretentious. 

During lockdown, the kitchen became the place for her to play, and a new found love for cooking was born.

Plain and simple, it's a put stuff that tastes good together in a pile-type of plate, and it's delicious! On a bed of soft and creamy hummus we'll find a combination of sweet and savory roots and vegetables, topped off with some fresh pomegranate, feta cheese and a slightly tart vinaigrette. A comforting and fun dish to cheer you up in these uncertain times, and bonus points to you: It's vegetarian with the potential of being vegan. Good job!

Cooking Class

CC10 - NOAH LEVIN - Turky facebook apocalypse (with chicken)
SAMSTAG 19 - 21 Uhr (englisch)

On 4 May, 2020, I came across a weird video of a turkey being stuffed with a block of cheddar cheese and covered in Cheetos. I shared it (https://www.facebook.com/Noak11/posts/10158073739755390), thinking that others might be similarly intrigued. What I didn't expect was that it would go viral in the improv community, with the video reappearing in Facebook feeds with every comment (over 600 so far) and that people would tag each other to watch this video like it was The Ring.


Everyone asked if I would cook this Turkey for Thanksgiving, but thankfully I could not. HOWEVER, this challenge can not go undone, and so, to compromise, I will cook this recipe on a smaller scale with a chicken - and eat it - to the dismay of my parents, my dietician, and common decency.


You will need to brine the chicken overnight (8-16 hours) in advance if you're cooking along with me. To do that, place the chicken in the vat and fill with room temperature water until it is completely submerged. Remove the chicken and add salt, brown sugar, and tabasco, stirring until it is all dissolved. Submerge the chicken again, cover, and place in the fridge until you're ready to prepare.

Cooking Class

Estevan Chuy Zarate.png
SAMSTAG 19 - 21 Uhr (englisch)

"Green Pasta" Sautéed Shrimp and Bell Pepper w/Basil & Avocado Pesto on Angel Hair Pasta 

This dish comes together very quickly once you are prepped. My eldest son grew up calling it "Green Pasta" and still calls it that 17 years later. It is fresh, light and clean, yet surprisingly filling. My name is Chuy Zárate. I am an improv veteran from Austin TX, USA. If there is a format that exists, I have probably played it. In the kitchen I use an heir of improv in that I do not use measurements for ingredients. I use smell. If it smells delicious, it must be. Jump and justify all day!

Cooking Class

Tanine Dunais.png
CC12 - TANINE DUNAIS - Iranian Aash
SAMSTAG 19 - 21 Uhr (englisch)

Aash can be considered the foundation of Persian cooking.  The heart and soul of it.  In fact, the Persian word for kitchen is aash paz khaneh – the house (or room) where aash is made and the word for cook is aash paz – the maker of aash.  Different kinds of aash are traditionally eaten to celebrate or commemorate special occasions.


Tanine: I am a Graphic designer, improviser and illustrator who has lived out of Iran for over 13 years now. When you live away from your culture for this long, you look for anything who can bring that lost connection back. And food is one of the best tools to relive the memories. So I cook iranian food now and then and bring the taste of my childhood back to my European lifestyle.