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What takes place when and where?

Are you looking forward to the festival? Can´t wait? You always want to know exactly what is happening where and when? Then you are exactly right on this page. Of course, things can change at short notice - but everything you need is always here.

And if something is missing, write to us via or via our emergency cell phone number, which will be available from Wednesday November 9th. will be active: +49 1573 3880260


Our home base

The Tor 6 Theaterhaus

All shows on Thursday / Saturday and Sunday take place in the Tor 6 Theaterhaus - you will also find the festival check-in and some workshop rooms here.

The address is: Hermann-Kleinewächter-Strasse 4, Bielefeld

The hostel

Most of you will have a room in the hostel and that´s very good! Because the youth hostel is DIRECTLY opposite Tor 6 Theaterhaus. So really direct.

On Saturday there will be lunch for all participants.


Your workshops

Take place at very different locations - everything is within walking distance. (And if not, we will organize the transport for you) The best thing to do is to download the IFO info document and take a look for yourself. There is also information about restaurants nearby.

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