Show program

Improvised theater, scenes that arise from the moment - really big feelings, comedy and a lot of action: our show program shows the art form of spontaneous theater with all its facets. The finest show concepts from selected ensembles, plus collaborations of the invited international artists.  

The shows are in German or in easy English.

Friday October 15th


Meet the ensemble

Festivalensemble (englisch)

The theater goes dark. The stage lights up. An international ensemble of actors walks onto the stage. And then they improvise. Scenes from the spot, without script but with truthful connection and a lot of fun.  

Believe it or not - we will bring you the finest improv on stage. Meet our festival ensemble and watch an evening full of improvised scenes.  

Friday October 15th - 8:00 p.m.


Saturday, October 16

KNALLER FOR KIDS - the improv show for the whole family

Knall auf Fall (German)

For children 6 and older, their parents, their siblings.

Whether it is an adventurous journey on a vacuum cleaner into space or the staff room in the school suddenly populated by lint monsters ... in this improshow the children determine the course of the stories with their own ideas, which the improv theater group "Knall auf Fall" brings to the stage! Imaginative, spontaneous and unexpected! Great fun for the whole family, musically accompanied and framed by our live pianist.

Saturday, October 16 - 2.30 p.m.

Tor 6 Theaterhaus - Foyer

Super Hero Kids


The Affirmative (German)

The Affirmative invites you to improv & chill! Television is getting more and more boring, and we've had enough Netflix in the last few months. Buuuuuuut we will do something about it: create your own TV program on stage! You give us your favorite characters, your most hated formats and the most hyped series as inspiration. We conjure up a full evening program with five different channels. Each of the players has a remote control and can change the program at any time. Casting show, action film, cooking program, unboxing channel, song contest, crime thriller or melodrama - the choice is yours!


Get through and decide for yourself what is on.

Saturday, October 16 - Start at 7 p.m.

Tor 6 Theaterhaus - Studio


Festival ensemble (German / English)

THE competition of improv artists - creative, surprising and definitely unique. Who will be the best player of the evening?  

At our gala show, our festival ensemble, together with invited guests, shows what improvisational theater can offer - and the audience decides which player gets the big maestro crown at the end of the evening. For the first time in Bielefeld's theatrical history, we're bringing Keith Johnstone's original onto the stage.

Saturday, October 16 - 8 p.m.

Tor 6 Theaterhaus - hall



Three sisters

We are three very different women.

We feel kindred spirits and sisters in spirit. And we want to know a lot - out of interest, humanity, anger. And out of love.

To do this, we ask each other questions, quite freely according to Chekhov, which we promise to answer playfully and only absolutely honestly. 


"You ask: What is life? That's like asking: What is a carrot? 

A carrot is a carrot, that's all there is to it."

Anton Chekhov 


The sisters are:

Beatrix Brunschko (Theater im Bahnhof) lives in Graz and suffers from acute decision-making weakness.


Verena Lohner (Steife Brise) lives in Hamburg and feels time multidimensionally.


Ilka Luza (Placebotheater) is from Düsseldorf and often wishes for longer arms to embrace the whole world.

Saturday, October 16 - Start at 8 p.m.

Tor 6 Theaterhaus - Saal


PENG! (German)

Let yourself be electrified! Get ready because the world as you know it is going to be turned upside down. With Stark-Strom-Impro there is no safety net. Only one thing is certain: it will be quick. A collage of real, fictional and socially critical stories. To laugh, cry, cheer and think. Your inspirations determine where to go, but who knows which turns we're going to take? Peng! Impro from Münster will put you in ecstasy - so get ready!

Saturday, October 16 - Start at 9:30 p.m.

Tor 6 Theaterhaus - Studio



The Affirmative (German / English)

The show against thirst! At the end of Saturday evening we lower our and your level and raise our level. The party show that can do it all: fun! Game! Schnapps!

Come and celebrate the festival with the Affirmative and its most intoxicating comedy show!

Saturday, October 16 - Late night start at 10:30 p.m.

Tor 6 Theaterhaus  - Studio

Sunday, October 17th


Festival ensemble (German)

We are looking for. We find. We leave traces. whether on the web or in everyday life. Our holy grail. The smartphone. But what if we hand that control over to someone else? Our actors give themselves their smartphones. Your work equipment, everything that the other does. Whether apps, message flows, pictures, voice messages or highly sensitive items. What we otherwise only voluntarily upload to global corporations, we now give into the hands of our counterparts. And maybe we'll get a smartphone from the audience.

Idea & direction: Tobias Zettelmeier / stage polka

Sunday, October 17th - Start at 7 p.m.

Tor 6 Theaterhaus - Saal

Digitale Netzwerkkabel
Haus am See


Festival ensemble

It might be the smell of a lentil soup. Or a specific landscape. Or a piece of jewelery. Or just the warm feeling of being safe. Where are we at home? And what does it mean for everybody? How does it feel, of your home is hundreds of miles away or even destroyed?  

An international ensemble will take you on a journey to the places, the people, the objects, that they call home, will tell you true stories and show you scenes. Maybe emotional, maybe funny, maybe scary - but always improvised.

Sunday, October 17th - 19 o'clock

Tor 6 Theaterhaus - Studio


Diego Ingold and Feña Ortalli  (English)

The king wants a theater play. He doesn't know what he wants, but he wants it right now. A playwright and a jester must collaborate to create a story to satisfy the king and they only have 30 minutes to please the king's whim. Their lives depend on it. This improvised play highlights the importance of oral tradition and storytelling through two different and conflicting characters: a calm, brain-centered playwright and a wacky physical jester.


Cast: Diego Ingold and Feña Ortalli

Sunday, October 17th - Start at 8 p.m.

Tor 6 Theaterhaus - Saal



Festival ensemble  (English)

An apartment building, multi storeys and multi stories: Friends, families, lovers, couples, singles. They might not share the same stories, but they share the same building.  

In "Multi Stor (e) ys" our international festival ensemble will take us to a unique apartment building and will let us look into the different lives of the people who live in the building. Do you ever wonder what you neighbor is doing? They'll show it!

Sunday, October 17th - 9:30 p.m.

Tor 6 Theaterhaus - Saal