Tobias Sailer

Friday 3pm - Wonderfully  unusual

Duration 3 hours

Workshop language: German

Levels: 2-3


Saturday 10 a.m. - Moments Mosaic - Deconstruction Chicago Style incl. work show (you stand on stage yourself!)

Duration 6 hours

Workshop language: German

Levels: 2-3

Sunday 11 a.m. - 100 meter freestyle - Impro meets rap

Duration 4 hours

Workshop language: German

Level: all levels

Wonderfully unusual - WS 2

The "Game of Scene" is THE secret recipe of the legendary UCB Theater from New York and LA and one of the reasons for its success. But what does that actually mean? Is a game now a classic improv game? And what is behind the principle “find the unusual”? We explore exactly that: someone does something unusual and we play with it:

We focus on it, make it bigger, make it human, find patterns, let it rest, to finally bring it back even more intensely and surprisingly. The scene's game provides a basis for good, substantive comedy that's more than just silly thigh slapping.

Tobias brings us some new concepts for your improv playing and many practical exercises that you can experience, take with you to your groups and use for a variety of shows. Bring your notebooks!

Moments Mosaic - Deconstruction Chicago Style - WS 8 SOLD OUT


Deconstruction is one of the most beautiful and inspiring formats from the world of improvised Chicago-style long forms. Harold's unknown sister, so to speak - just as full of potential for comedy and depth. Deconstruction explores and celebrates the dark side of human existence. 

A scene forms the basis and from there we improvise all the absurdities, themes, trivia and unspoken elements. Always as a team, epic, moment-oriented and as colorful as a mosaic.

In this workshop we are guided by the deconstruction developed by Miles Stroth with Del Close for the group "The Family", with many of our own innovations and inspiring variations of the individual elements of this form. Tobias also shows us how these elements and principles of this form can be transferred to other shows, whether short form or narrative long form. And at the end of the workshop you stand on our festival stage! Do not miss out on this one.

100 meter freestyle - Improv meets rap - WS 10 SOLD OUT

Improv theater and freestyle rap - two art forms with a lot in common but few real points of contact. Let's combine the best of both worlds! We look at the basics and techniques to get into rhymes and flow, get to know some games and exercises, train these techniques and present the rhymes in a particularly effective way. We then expand that with the magic of improvised theater by using themes and characters from scenes as inspiration for our raps and relying much more on interaction than is usual in freestyle rap. Tobias shows us song structures and together we try out the possibilities that longer improvisation formats offer us. 

Become a rap star, discover your flow -  Freestyle rap and impro are related and yet so different, one too cool, the other too corny. But when we combine it, it becomes the perfect mix!

About Tobias:

Tobias Sailer is an actor, director, team coach and course leader for improvised theater from Bremen. He likes his improv as a mixture of avant-garde, punk, comedy and a continuously transforming crossword puzzle. He has been playing, teaching and organizing at the AMS since 2009! Theater, where he can live out and pass on his passion for Chicago Style Long Form. Tobias was also involved in BIK CITY Impro and the Fliege Funken Festival as artistic director and, as a board member of the State Association of Independent Performing Arts in Bremen, is interested in the possibilities of professionalizing improvised theater. At the moment he is particularly passionate about the Callbacks&Punchlines project, which brings together improv and rap and combines the best of both worlds.