Tanine Dunais

Saturday 10 a.m. - Bouffon

Duration 6 hours

Workshop language: English

Level: 1-2

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Bouffon - WS2

Bouffons are comic characters whose profession is to make people laugh. They are a shapeshifting chorus of wild creatures, like the fools of the kings and the lords. They entertain and use insolence. 

The Bouffon state is an extreme state of play. The strength of the Bouffon world is their sense of ensemble. To feel free as a group and a safe place to let go and lose up.


You will be guided through exercises, games that promise to invigorate and encourage you to find the pleasure in play as a group. Concluding with Bouffon ensemble experiments. 

More about Tanine

Tanine Dunais is an Iranian improviser, currently living in Netherlands. She started her improv journey at Dubai's Courtyard Playhouse, and built her foundations with Johnstonian formats such as Maestro and Theatresports.


She's forever in the hunt for opportunities to perform in her native tongue, Persian, and to showcase more of her heritage and culture, on stage. During her explorations, she fell in love with expressing herself without the use of spoken language. Her preferred modes of expression revolve around physical theater, clowning, buffoonery, and puppetry.


Recently, she's been digging deep into her experiences of performing as an expat, and is constantly working to find ways to help fellow improvisers bring their cultural and religious heritage to life, on stage.