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Shannon Dale Stott

Freitag 15 Uhr - A Verbal and Enthusiastic Yes AND

Dauer 3 Stunden

Workshopsprache: english

Level: 2-3

Samstag 10 Uhr - Finding Yourself On Stage
Dauer 6 Stunden

Workshopsprache english

Level: Alle Level


Sonntag 11 Uhr - Mind reading for Improvisors
Dauer 4 Stunden

Workshopsprache english

Level: 3

A Verbal and Enthusiastic Yes AND - WS 4

"This workshop recognizes and validates the moments where an Improvisor feels uncomfortable on stage. Here, Improvisers will discuss those moments and practice tools to address them on stage within the context of a scene or game. Participants will address: Moving through freeze response on stage Saying ‘No’ within a scene Protecting your character and your character Techniques to exit a scene Discussion of experiences on, off and back stage"

Finding yourself on stage -WS 7

In this workshop you will use what is around you and what is in you to inspire and commit to characters, scenes and stories. Participants will learn how to reduce the stress of creating from scratch by using themselves as source material in each moment of a scene. This workshop is for any improvisor who is finding they are not contributing to scenes because they "just weren't inspired" or "didn't know what to do with that suggestion." Students will explore ways they can find what to do in any moment, by using their own emotions and physicality to drive their choices.

Mind reading for Improvisors - WS 13

Techniques used in mind reading can be used in Improv to heighten your awareness in a scene, connect deeply with your partner's needs and read your audience’s wants. This workshop blends Improv and mind reading to give you unique insight into the layers of a scene or narrative. We’ll create moments where your inner thoughts are heard loud and clear and your choices in a scene seem like magic to all watching. Create depth and synchronicity in your Improv with your partners on stage and have your audiences emotionally invest in the stories you are crafting.

Über Shannon:

Shannon Stott is the Creator and Director of Improv | On and Off the Stage, an Improv Production Company, producing shows and content helping people connect to themselves and others through Improv. She teaches Improv for Design at the University of Texas and has been performing Improv internationally for over 20 years. Shannon considers Improv a practice, a way to become aware of self. She encourages you to continue this practice in your theaters, workplaces, homes, relationships and lives.

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