Emilia Weber

Saturday 10 am - The room and everything in it

Duration 6 hours

Workshop language: German
Level: 1-2

Sunday 11 am - Be honest! Authentic feelings on the improv stage

Duration 4 hours

Workshop language: German
Level: 1-2

The room and everything in it - WS5

A normal improv show: 2 people stand in the middle of the stage and talk to each other. End of the normal improv scene. And yet there would be so much more: a whole, empty, playable space - which can become an important player: the stage. And the other player called the stage brings something else with him: imaginary props, horses, bicycles, food - everything is just pantomime and that's why it's so incredibly versatile. In this workshop we will discover together the power of stage designs - whether warehouse, podium, proscenium stage or classroom - there is so much more than we think.

Together with Emilia we discover the space and all the imaginary objects, creatures and stage accessories that are in it. We explore what positions on stage can already tell, what distance and closeness have to do with storytelling and what potential stepping off the stage has. We get to know staging techniques and deal with perception and the creation of atmosphere so that the room begins to tell a story all by itself.

Be honest! Authentic feelings on the improv stage - WS 11

"Only those who burn themselves can ignite others!" Emilia's favorite motto. And now she's being honest: "I don't want to see any more scenes about things that nobody in the room is interested in because they don't have an emotional attitude."

Who does not know that, there is a love story in the scene - tender and uncertain - and zack a gag. Finally two characters really hate each other and  bang an inauthentic reaction of everyone "Hasta la vista, baby!" and one shoots the other. Now Emilia is honest again: "I love it when the audience laughs, but from time to time it's great when they also sigh, shed a tear or go dead still with excitement." And that's why we will discover and create exactly these moments in this workshop and capture them on the improv stage.

In this workshop, together with Emilia, we will learn to feel authentic feelings on stage, to speak them out and to use them as storytelling elements. So that we end up playing stories that are more than mere words, but that ignite others emotionally.

About Emilia:

Since 2004, Emilia Weber, who was born in Berlin, has had a passion for improv theater. To

her studies in Theater Studies and General and Comparative Studies

Literature Studies In 2013 she decided to turn her passion into a profession

have been making and playing on the improv stages in Germany, Switzerland and the

UNITED STATES. In addition to working with adults, she also teaches children and

Young people from kindergarten to 12th grade play in the theater and work as

Improv trainer for groups and festivals. She is part of the core team

anundpfirsich ensembles and is on the new stage of the two to three times a week

Theater im Zollhaus, which was opened by anundpfirsich in March 2021. she

has been teaching the one-year master class for three years and gives several courses