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Ollie Rasini

Samstag 10 Uhr - How to do nothing

Dauer 6 Stunden

Workshopsprache: easy english

Level: 1-2



Sonntag 11 Uhr - Voice Magic

Dauer 4 Stunden

Workshopsprache: english

Level: 1-2

How to do nothing - WS 8

We learn to do a lot of things in improv, but sometimes the best thing is just to stop doing and start being fully present in our beautiful bodies. In the same way, when constructing improv scenes, we end up thinking very hard about storyline, narrative, or relationship; if we stop trying so hard and focus instead on fully inhabiting our physical selves in a curious and playful way, it turns out that stories just magically pop up. We will be using music, movement, and relaxation to try to turn off the judging brain and just be with each other onstage for a little bit. So get into some comfortable clothes, take off your shoes, come into the space together and discover the beauty of doing nothing.

Voice Magic - WS 14

Have you traded in your voice to a sea witch for a chance to love a prince? (A common problem among improvisers.) Or are you simply interested in giving your own precious vocal instrument a little love and a little space to experiment? In both cases, this workshop is for you! We will spend some time messing around with our voices, using different kinds of sounds, movement, gibberish, and a little bit of text, too, to investigate together all the magical possibilities our voice has to offer.

Über Ollie:

Ollie (Olivia) Rasini is an Italian-American improviser and trained actress who loves movement. She is part of Teatro a Molla improv company in Bologna and teaches theatre workshops aimed at adults, young adults, people with disabilities, and social workers. She also teaches workshops about the works of William Shakespeare with Teatro delle Due and performs in Shakespeare productions and other scripted theatre regularly.

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