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Samstag 10 Uhr - The Art of Intuition - Tapping into Primal Wisdom

Dauer 6 Stunden

Workshopsprache: english

Level: 2-3



Sonntag 11 Uhr - The naked Improviser - 2 spots left

Dauer 4 Stunden

Workshopsprache: english

Level: alle Level

The Art of Intuition - tapping into primal wisdom - WS 10

It's already inside of you, that great idea, the perfect reaction, that panic that pushes you to decide on the spot. Yet we let our mind take over and overthink a situation until we can't be in the moment anymore, we let our ego's get in the way of being on the spot with someone else. Let's try to find the fun, spontaneity and high energy back into our lives. In this workshop we'll try to tap into the depths of our primal awareness and see if we can't step out of our own minds, if we can for once not be our own enemy, but maybe befriend that little voice we've been keeping small all this time.

A Heart of Stone: A Journey to the Centre of our Feeling - WS 16

Laughter, we all chase it and see it as a validation of our behavior as an improviser. Yet how strong can we make the audience feel something, and can we make the laughter harder by taking them through the emotional spectrum? Is there more to life that just laughter? In this workshop we will try and see how far we can take our feelings, how we can have a genuine angry verbal discussion on stage, how we would react to different emotions and most of all we might learn something about our own emotional spectrum.

Über Vincent:

Vincent is a professional improv teacher, player, and coach from Ghent, Belgium. He has performed for almost 15 years and has been teaching improv in Belgium and on the international improv circuit for over 7. Vincent brings intimacy, warmth, safety and tons of energy to scenes. He loves refreshing the basics and keeping the fun in the fundamentals. With a background in social work and education, he loves to find ways to educate society through improv and together create a more diverse, more accepting, warm, and loving environment for all of us to play in.

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