Marith Venderbosch

Sonntag 10 Uhr - Abstract Schmabstract

Dauer 6 Stunden

Workshopsprache: englisch

Level: 2

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Abstract Schmabstract - WS5

Let’s have some fun together! No storylines, no agreed upon structure. In the abstract we don’t define these things. It can be surreal, just like these times have been/ are!

When we create a show, we often think of character work, story, lines. Well, here’s a way to enhance all that! In the abstract work we use our bodies and intuition to portray anything we want. Without having to tell the audience what they’re seeing

The bases of this workshop will be : First we do, than we define what it is we just did.
We’re diving into the world of finding the game with your scene partner, following your intuition and using your body to show and don’t tell.
How can we take our minds and bodies to a place where nothing needs to make sense except for the connection with your scene partner(s)

There will be a main focus on the abstract scenes, with some attention paid towards editing methods. The workshop will end in a montage of scenes, related and unrelated to each other.

More about Marith

After studying to become a theatre teacher, Marith turned towards her true passion and  specialised in improvisational theatre. 

Her major teaching focus is now improvisation. She uses this as a tool to unlock the best  abilities of her students, but always ensures theatre is at the heart of everything she  teaches. 

Marith works with both individuals and small groups on developing their acting skills to be  able to express themselves and play stage roles effectively. She does this through a range of  modern teaching techniques, and enjoys creating new formats and games for students to  play to accelerate their learning. 

As a teacher, Marith always aims to set up an environment for her students to thrive in.  Although she works frequently with groups, focusing on every individual and gaining insight  into how to help them grow is her number one concern. She teaches Dutch groups of  different levels frequently.  

For Marith, teaching improv and theatre is about those golden moments where everything  clicks, and students really see and feel exactly what they are doing. That is the magic of the  stage.