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Anne Rab

Freitag 15 Uhr - The other conflicts - SOLD OUT

Dauer 3 Stunden

Workshopsprache: english

Level: 2-3

Samstag 10 Uhr - Solo Improv SOLD OUT
Dauer 6 Stunden

Workshopsprache english



Sonntag 11 Uhr - If it makes you happy ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT
Dauer 4 Stunden

Workshopsprache english

Level: alle Level

The other conflicts - WS 3 SOLD OUT

Two improvisers walk on stage - Boom, conflict! We spend so much time fighting with other human beings, with Man vs. Man. But what other conflicts are there? Why always fight with other human beings? Fight against nature! Against society! Against yourself! Create conflicts that matter, conflicts that are rich and meaningful and more than blabla.

Jill will take us on a journey through the different levels of conflict in scenes, will teach you how to find the essence in a fight, besides bicker with each other. Happy fighting!

Solo Improv - WS 7 SOLD OUT

Have you ever thought about going the solo path in improv? Yes? Ok, we have the perfect workshop for you. The queen of Solo Improv herself, Jill Bernard will guide us to our own piece of improv. This workshop is exclusive, limited to 8 participants - so that everybody gets enough stage time.

There are no "schools" of improv - we are each our own school, which means your solo piece is the ultimate expression of that school. We´ll work with Jill to practice the skills that are universal to most solo pieces - character snapping, stage pictures, and aggressive choices - and also tease out what will make our solo piece unique.

If it makes you happy - WS 12 ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT

Sometimes improv makes us really, really happy - but sometimes we are on stage, unsecure, stressed and suddenly improv feels like a chore, filled with right decisions and good and bad choices. We leave the stage, the rehearsal unhappy, we lost our trust, in ourselves, in our stage partners and yes, maybe in improv itself.


In this session with Jill, we will learn the joy and success that follows doing exactly what tickles us. Please wear closed toe shoes to this workshop.

About Jill:

Jill Bernard (she/her) has been performing with ComedySportz-Twin Cities since 1993, and is a founding member of HUGE Theater in Minneapolis. Her one-woman improv piece, Drum Machine, has been featured in over forty improv festivals. She has taught and performed improv in Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and in over forty of the United States; and also on an episode of MTV “Made.”

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