Hila di Castro

SOLD OUT Samstag 10 Uhr - The Lowest Point of a High-Status Character

Dauer 6 Stunden

Workshopsprache: englisch

Level: Alle Level

SOLD OUT Sonntag 10 Uhr - The Gender Laboratory

Dauer 6 Stunden

Workshopsprache: englisch

Level: 2-3

SOLD OUT The Lowest Point of a High-Status Character - WS01 

We can only truly cheer for a powerful, high-status character – hero or villain – once

we see their weakness, complexity, and humanity. The moments when these bigger-than-life characters are revealed to be flawed are when the magic happens.

In a longform, a strong, high-status character is someone with power and control. Nothing can hurt them; they are undefeatable. As an audience, we can admire or fear this character, we might even want to be them. But we won't feel soft, nuanced feelings towards them: we will not love them, become attached or feel compassion. That is, unless we see them in their vulnerable moments, when their weaknesses are revealed. We need to see their humanity in order to identify with them. If we ask the character, these moments are their lowest points – the moments that they will never want us to see. For the audience, those moments are precisely when a tough or evil character steals our hearts!

In this workshop, we will practice five different low points a high-status character can have and learn how to incorporate these into our longform narrative – from a writer's perspective. From an actor's perspective, we will learn how to truthfully portray these moments – while treading a fine line: showing the character's weakness, vulnerability and humanity while still maintaining their high status.

SOLD OUT The Gender Laboratory - WS04

Research shows that an average woman speaks approximately 20,000 words a day, while a man speaks only 7000.

Since childhood, we are programmed by society to think of gender in a certain way – boys should wear blue and be powerful, while girls should wear pink and be gentle. As we progress in time, we start breaking these patterns. But they are more profound than we think.

In order to break them completely, we must know the history of gender roles and challenge ourselves not to take the beliefs we were raised on for granted. This workshop aims to do exactly that.

We will dive into gender theory and history before challenging ourselves to play the opposite sex on stage without judgment. We will then challenge ourselves to play scenes without ANY gender presumptions at all.

The laboratory's goal is to make us see the

world through different gender glasses.

More about Hila

Hila Di Castro is an actress, improviser and teacher based in Israel.

She is a co-founder, member and co-artistic director of the trio MOMENTUM – one of

the leading improv groups in Israel. MOMENTUM is teaching and performing

internationally with their unique format “No Edit”.

Hila tours the world performing and teaching acting and improv, individually or with her

groups, as festival instructor or private calling. She has been performing and teaching in

more than 10 countries. (including: Finland, Estonia, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy,

Canada, Sweden and more...) bringing her unique, inspiring, personal style and improv


She is a co-founder and artistic director of “20,000 Words”, an improv performance and

workshops that teaches and advocates gender equality throughout Israel.