Balasree Viswanathan
& Joe Bill

Freitag 15-18 Uhr, Samstag 10 - 17 Uhr, Sonntag 11-15 Uhr

Break Sh*t and de-program your fears

Dauer 13 Stunden


Am Freitag unterrichten Joe und Bala gemeinsam

Workshopsprache: englisch

Level: 2-3

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Break Sh*t and de-program your fears - WS 15

The world has become smaller and improv arenas are getting more and more diverse. While this is a fantastic thing, there is always that initial hesitation and self-doubt when playing with people SO different from yourself. In this workshop, Bala  will help you reconnect with your innate courageous self and play from the heart, making you the improviser who can play with anyone AND the improviser everyone wants to play with.

Together with Bala, we will discover how to feel more comfortable on stage and discover some of our biggest improv fears. Who am I on stage and how do I feel more comfortable? How can I embrace my superpower and still be the best stage partner ever? Let's try this out, learn from each other and just break with some sh*t.

ON FRIDAY BALA WILL BE JOINED BY THE FANTASTIC JOE BILL  and they will focus on the spirit of improv. It´s a unique chance to work with two teachers from two completly different improv worlds, who will join their forces. In the class co-taught by Joe Bill and Balasree Viswanathan, Joe and Bala will take you through a different way to see ourselves and our improv, break free of our patterns and open up new possibilities.

About Bala:

Bala is an improviser from Bangalore, India. She got her first taste of improv when she was in the US for grad school. When she returned to India, she began improvising and teaching with Improv Comedy Bangalore, one of India's few improv companies. She is a co-founder of The Adamant Eves, India's first and only all-women improv team. Her personal philosophy is that as an improviser (or even as a human being), all you need is creativity applied with awareness. She loves teaching using a mix of themes like music, movement, philosophy, and a mix of eastern spiritual traditions  - all tools that help her show up as her best self, on and off-stage