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Annika Bullmahn

Friday 3:00 p.m. - Just play - Improv for everyone

Duration 3 hours

Language: German

Without level + level 1 + inclusive


Saturday 10:00 a.m. - Let's go on an adventure - the hero's journey

Duration 6 hours

Language: German

level: 2

Sunday 11:00 am - Improvising sketches

Duration 4 hours


level: 2

Einfach spielen - Impro für alle - WS 2

You want to try improv theater? You definitely should! Because you have the best ideas. That's a promise! You will learn the techniques of improv theater with a lot of humor. You will easily create scenes out of the moment. Learn to be spontaneous and take the spirit home, to work or to the streetcar. 

This inclusive workshop is for all newcomers, with or without handicap!

Auf ins Abenteuer -
die Heldenreise - WS 5

The Hero's Journey! It is the structure behind so many fairy tales, stories and movies. And we never get enough of it! In this workshop we will learn the principles behind it. How is a hero's journey structured and which characters have the potential to become heroes?  The Hero's Journey - Harry Potter has lived through it, Frodo Baggins has mastered it and soon you will too!

Sketche Improvisieren - WS 11

We love comedy! In impro games, in addition to the usual spontaneity, there is usually a known "roadmap" with the help of which we make our audience laugh. In free scenes this seems to be more difficult. In this workshop you will learn to recognize the comedy potential of a scene. We will devote ourselves to techniques with the help of which we can transform free scenes into "comedy gold".

About Annika:

Annika Bullmahn has been on the road as an improv trainer for a decade. She learned her craft from scratch: as a trained educator, she taught "Performing Play". She is part of the theater "Impro Köln", where she leads weekly courses and workshops. When she is not getting others to play, she is on stage herself. Annika is co-founder of the Cologne impro theater selbstauslöser. In addition, she plays, dances and sings in the ensemble of the PremierenFabrik the improvised musical "It`s my MUSICAL".

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