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Fabio Mangolini

Freitag 15-18 Uhr, Samstag 10 - 17 Uhr, Sonntag 11-15 Uhr

Meisner Technique and Camera Acting SOLD OUT

Dauer 13 Stunden

Workshopsprache: englisch

Level: Professional

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Meisner Technique and Camera Acting
- Masterclass SOLD OUT

Attention - this is not an improv workshop! Together with New York based and renowned acting teacher Jerry Coyle you will dive deep into the Meisner technique and how to use it for emotional touching and truthful scene work.  The workshop will center around the foundation of the Meisner technique and its practical application in scene study and partner work. No matter if you’re new to the technique or already experienced, Jerry’s approach is quite unique and geared to the specific needs of the different participants. From ‘getting in touch’ to ‘getting to the moment’ – Jerry Coyle explores and re-defines the famous ‘repetition’ exercise and provides individual approaches to the core of acting. 

Take this unique chance to dive into the world of camera acting - it´s perfect to deepen your improv skills.

If you want to book the Masterclass, please apply via E-Mail

About Jerry:

Jerry Coyle has been teaching film and TV acting at several renowned acting schools throughout the U.S.A., Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, among them the Weist-Barron School for Television & Film in New York City, the Film Acting School Cologne, The Film & TV School / Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) and others. As an actor, he appeared in several films, such as “Extinction GMO Chronicles” and “The Good Shepherd”, as well as on TV and on stage. Over 30 years of active teaching make Jerry Coyle’s renowned classes a memorable experience for advanced actors as well as beginners. 

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