Online edition on 14.5.2022

IFO Impro Fest

We are back in the online world and galactically looking forward to our next edition.

6 workshops in German and English, plus a lot of time for digital togetherness, time together in our festival foyer and digital community love. 

Book the workshop through our partner Yesticket - you will receive the zoom links for the evening directly after buying your ticket.

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WS 1 - Shaun Landry

Improv Potpourri (English)

Shaun Landry brings all the skills in her toolbox, opens it up and shares her knowledge of Theatrical, Comedic and Dramatic Improvisation to her students. Shaun will take a look at the work and see if there is anything within the students to heighten/add/work to make whatever style of improvisation is fun and meaningful. Whether a tune up for seasoned performers or just starting, this class is welcome to all levels of improvisation.

WS 2 - Sandra Sprünken

Crazy Characters (German)

​We know them all. We love them all. The crazy, wacky characters we can play on the improv stage. However, the more wacky a character is, it becomes more and more difficult to play. In my workshop, we learn how to play interesting, funny, and wacky characters without torpedoing the entire scene or story.

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WS 3 - Amy Shostak

This is the end (english)

We're often waiting for someone else to end our improv scenes: our teammates, the director or the lighting technician. Sometimes we "miss" an ending, and it feels like the scene goes on forever. But here's a secret: you have the power to end your own scenes! While we spend a lot of time working on the first 30 seconds of a scene, this workshop is all about the last: we'll explore scenic beats, endings, and empowering yourself to say “The end!”


WS 4 - Levente Molnár

What's your story? (English)

How many memories do you have? How many stories do you have? Memories and stories make connections between us. We can share our thoughts and our ideas, maybe our feelings but when we share our stories, we also share a part that makes us human beings, and it has a magical effect on stage and in real life as well.

In this workshop we share our own stories and we make connections.


WS 5 - Stefanie Petereit

Clothes make the man! (German)

Unfortunately, there is often no time for a suitable costume in improv theater. But if we want to play strong and complex characters, the right outfit helps us immensely.

In this workshop we let ourselves be inspired by clothes and props and thus bring exciting characters to the online stage. That gives new impetus for improv on the real stage.

PLEASE NOTE: Please look for some clothes in the basement and closet in advance that you don't normally wear.


WS 6 - Bronwynn Mertz-Penzinger

Feldenkrais awareness through movement  (English)

The Feldenkrais Method offers the possibility to act with the entire self, to feel supported by all dimensions of the body simultaneously—to act with the full body. Performers who practice this method regularly increase their stage presence and expand their ability to make creative choices. The resulting potent state of working with Feldenkrais lessons allows actors to extend their heightened awareness to their fellow actors, to their environment, and to truly listen and be present on stage.