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Christl Sittenauer

Friday 3 p.m. - You will probably still be allowed to play that

Duration 3 hours

Workshop language: German

Level: All levels


Saturday 10am -  My name is Jones, Bridget Jones

Duration 6 hours

Workshop language: German

Level: 2

My name is Jones, Bridget Jones - WS 4

British spy film, romantic Rosamunde Pilcher film adaptation or bloody horror. Allude to the typical clichés - we can all do it! But is there more to a sci-fi movie than talking aliens and robots?
And what happens in westerns when the duel is over and the horse has galloped past? In this workshop we'll put popular stage genres to the test and learn to create characters that can do more than just hold a gun. And we explore the common gender clichés in the genres. Woman and man. The feminine in the masculine, the masculine in the feminine. Maybe we'll play the sensitive artist, the homme fatal, the bridge commander, the passionate cult leader? How much does the genre and the “typical” roles it contains influence us? Can the wife be the sheriff and take a lover from the saloon? Together with Christl we will improvise some new mixtures and encounters - shaken and smeared!


About Christl:

Christl Sittenauer is an improv artist and cabaret artist. Deeply rooted in Munich, she is a founding member of the group Bühnenpolka and also part of one of the oldest improv groups in Germany, which will celebrate their 30th anniversary in 2022, the fastfood-theater. Since spring 2020 she has also been a member of the ensemble of the Munich Laughing and Shooting Society, where she writes, directs and performs political cabaret.

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