Organizing a festival in the middle (or maybe at the end, hopefully) of a global pandemic is quite challenging. So we need every support, we can get. The Stadtwerke Bielefeld created a very cool plattform for projects like ours - it´s crowdfunding, and every donation of more than 5 Euros will be supplemented by the Stadtwerke Bielefeld with additional 5 Euros.
So if you want to support the Impro Fest Offline with a tiny amount of money, here you go -
the crowdfunding runs till 16th September!

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until 16th September 2021

The idea of crowdfunding is that a lot of people support a project together and reach a financial goal. We want to finance the theatre that will host the different shows of the IFO. You can donate an amount of your choice and choose between differen premiums: A win-win-situation. You get something for your donation and we get closer to our goal - organizing the Impro Fest Offline.
Check it out:
We are happy about every amount and want to give something back. Without you it would not be possible!